Your Voice: Vote in this important Farmington election

Dear Friends:

In the not so distant past, a slate of seven candidates running for three open seats on the Farmington City Council was unheard of. Turnover was small, and residents tended to vote for the names they knew well. Maybe they were neighbors or friends or were just well liked in their community.

Farmington is a much different place than it was ten years ago–even five years ago. We need people, perhaps not with as much name recognition, but people with special talents and skills that can move Farmington forward.

People with credentials in governing a growing and prospering city. I am asking you to carefully read the bios on each of the seven candidates before you make your decision.

Farmington needs and deserves qualified people sitting on our City Council. It’s up to us to make that happen.

I cannot remember a time when our November 2 City Council election has been so important. When my family moved to the Farmington area in 1951, the population of Farmington was just shy of 2,500 residents. It was a sleepy little community then–far from the thriving suburban city of 11,000 that it is today.

My formative years were spent in Farmington Township, which became Farmington Hills in 1972. In 1994, I fulfilled a life long dream of living in Farmington’s historic district. I was fortunate to serve on the Farmington’s Beautification Commission, The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and then as a representative of Farmington on the Farmington/Farmington Hills Library Board. All these responsibilities allowed me to spend time with our City Council.

I saw up close and personal how dedicated and time-consuming serving on the City Council could be. Anyone who gives their time and talent to volunteer to help their city and their community grow should be applauded. A Council position is a significant role in Farmington’s success.

That is why I am writing this letter to you, before you choose your candidates for this year’s election. The Farmington City Council has five members and they elect the Mayor from one of those five. This year’s election we have three seats to be filled.

There are three incumbents running for reelection and four new candidates. So that’s seven people running for three seats. This is an important election–please be sure to vote.

Suzanne Paul

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