Your Voice: Vote for Galvin, Cowley and Scott in Farmington

To the editor:

I’ve read comments supporting Maria Taylor for City Council. Clearly her friends are supporting her. The question is, what can she do for Farmington?

Ms. Taylor seems very nice, but she has no relevant experience. She talks about what homeowners want, but has never owned a home and, just three months ago, stepped out of her parents’ home for the first time. She talks about what families want, but is single with no children. She wants to make sure none of the current plans for the former Maxfield Training Center move forward.

Where does she stand on legacy costs? OPEB Bonds? Medical Marijuana? Road millages? We may never know. I watched the candidate forum online and was surprised at her answers to several of these questions. She said she would survey people to discover what they wanted. But a leader is not someone who says “Tell me where the people are going so I can lead them there”. A survey can be a good tool for gathering data, but it is only one tool in the decision-making process.

Ms. Taylor answered too many questions by talking about surveys or pivoting back to her thoughts on the Maxfield Training Center property. She is clearly not ready for this job.

The problem Ms. Taylor faces is simple: inexperience. She is a 26-year-old freelance writer, who just moved out of her parents’ house. She has never managed a budget, much less a high-seven-figure budget. She lacks life experiences that come with working full time, home ownership, renting or raising a family. Her singular focus on the Maxfield property overlooks the fact that City Council is also responsible for police, fire, roads, water, sewer, sidewalks, culverts, ordinances, taxes, brownfield redevelopment, downtown development, planning, zoning, parks and debt – to name just a few. These are all areas in which Ms. Taylor has no experience.

What she does have is the support of Launch Progress PAC, a Political Action Committee in New York City. You can find her picture on the front page of their web site at Yes, a PAC has come to our City Council election in the form of a 26-year-old. This out-of-state political group contributed to her campaign, which means she has agreed to support their agenda. That’s how PACs work. If they win, expect more PACs meddling in our local, nonpartisan elections.

I found newcomer Joe LaRussa to be mostly impressive. But he lost me when he talked about city-subsidized Uber rides and selling t-shirts to raise money. I tried, but couldn’t follow that line of thought.

After careful consideration, I think I’ll stick with incumbents Bill Galvin, Jeff Scott & Greg Cowley. They obviously have the experience, and the city has been on a pretty solid track moving forward in recent years. I appreciate the way our city is run, and think all three are deserving of another term to continue their work for us.

Vicky Feeley

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