Your Voice: Three Farmington candidates share values


Every two years, Farmington voters are asked to set the direction of the city government. This year, there’s a crowded field of seven candidates running for three positions.

Three of those candidates–Maria Taylor, Johnna Balk and David DeLind–are running together on a common platform, highlighting the values that they share. Those values include having a more inclusive government that reflects our diverse community, recognizing that climate change is real and that issues like flooding and power outages need to be addressed, and that resident interests should come before special interests.

A few noisy critics have taken issue with the three running together. But their criticisms amount to nothing more than vague threats about some bad outcome that would result if three people with similar values are elected. Seriously? Shouldn’t the values of the majority on City Council represent the values of the majority of city residents?

To the critics, I say it’s refreshing that we have candidates who aren’t afraid to take a position on the issues and stand behind them. I admire their transparency and their hardworking door-to-door campaigns. More importantly to me, I’m glad I can vote knowing there are three candidates who share MY values.

Whether you are voting at the polls on November 2nd or voting absentee, the choice is clear – Select Maria Taylor, Johnna Balk, and David DeLind for Farmington City Council.

Phillip Beuckelaere

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