Your Voice: Taylor values Farmington heritage and history

To the editor:

As a lifelong resident of Farmington, I have watched Farmington grow and evolve since the early 1950s– since before there was the current city hall (and the library was in the Masonic Temple), and there was a junior high school/old high school complex where the Maxfield Training Center is today.

I believe I have a handle on what life is like in Farmington, Michigan. Farmington has always been a mix of old with new, and I sincerely hope it will continue that way for years to come.

Lately, I have seen a trend where business decisions threaten to ignore or remove the essence of what Farmington truly is and can continue to be: a unique little city that has a great collection of old homes and buildings, a wonderful blend of our heritage and history, and still is able to keep pace with other communities in the 21st century. It would be a true shame if the gem we have today – Farmington – is lost because we failed to recognize what we had.

It is this reason that I urge the voters in this upcoming election to vote for Maria Taylor. I have worked with Maria for several years on the Farmington Historical Commission and know that she values Farmington’s history and heritage. Her hard work, knowledge and enthusiasm for all that is Farmington is something of great value to this community.

All too often, younger generations are not interested or focused on their communities, but Maria is. A community should welcome and encourage people like Maria to become involved. I am confident she will work to preserve what is best for Farmington as our city moves forward. Please cast your vote for Maria Taylor for Farmington City Council.

Jim Atkinson


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