Your Voice: Taylor needs to answer for PAC, out-of-town money

To the editor:

In researching the candidates who are running for Farmington City Council, I discovered that out-of-town, political organizations are financially influencing our election.

I think the voters in our town would benefit from a public explanation of why candidate Maria Taylor is accepting campaign contributions from LaunchProgressPAC and from Adrienne Pickett, one of the founders of GuerrillaPolitic. To date, neither candidate Taylor nor our local news outlets have explained, in depth, how the agendas of those organizations might impact our town. We need to know more about the roles of and in our election.

The outcome of Tuesday’s election will impact our safety, financial well-being and the character of our community for years to come. Farmington City Council members have a long and important history of being non-partisan. That criterion has helped our incumbents on city council perform very effectively. Especially recently. Many of our neighborhoods now have freshly paved roads, we remain one of the safest communities in South East Michigan and despite continued budgetary challenges, we will all enjoy curbside leaf pick-up this fall.

How might the influence of out-of-town political organizations impact those and other important services that we count on? How might the autonomy of our town be impacted? I’m hoping the Farmington Voice will provide the voters in our town with a complete public explanation on this matter to help us all vote wisely.

Chris Halas


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