Your Voice: Taylor dedicated to Farmington’s history


Maria Taylor is a bright light in the city of Farmington and should continue to hold a place on city council.

She is dedicated to preserving the history of our city — and what a history it has had! From its founding by Quakers who were instrumental in forming the Underground Railroad, to help escaping slaves, to a Progressive Michigan governor calling Farmington home, and to all of the many diverse families that now live here, Farmington has always been a stronghold of fairness where everyone is welcome and diversity is championed.

I know Maria holds these values, too. She is committed to integrity and to making sure our rules and our systems work for everyone. She is dedicated to making sure Farmington’s legacy, through its stories and its unique heritage homes and buildings, is carried forward to inspire Farmington residents in years to come.

Please join me in voting for her when you cast your ballot for Farmington city council.

Laurie Smalis
Farmington resident for 35 years

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