Your Voice: Taylor brings needed viewpoint to Farmington

To the editor:

I have had the pleasure of working with Maria Taylor for the last three years, first through the Farmington Historical Commission and subsequently through our founding of Preservation Farmington.

I have found Maria to be an individual wholly dedicated to our community; an individual who has woven her everyday life into volunteerism and community involvement in Farmington. She brings the much-needed viewpoint of the younger generation of residents we want to attract to Farmington- essentially Farmington’s future.

Maria’s career as a journalist means she delves deeper into issues and isn’t afraid to question them. And this has been important as she fights to mesh growing our city’s downtown while not losing the historic charm which drives people from communities outside of ours into our city.

Sometimes the route to advocating for your city’s historic resources is best achieved through a grassroots effort rather than a city commission. As such, we have had a more directed message, and the ability to educate the public through lectures and our most recent workshop. It’s not giving up on your city, it’s establishing your viewpoint through a more productive avenue.

I will be voting for Maria Taylor on November 7. A vote for Maria is a vote for the growth of our city, the history of our city and the future of our city.

Jena Stacey

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