Your Voice: Taylor advocates for Farmington residents

To the editor:

I am writing to give my support to Maria Taylor for Farmington City Council.

She has already established herself as an outspoken advocate for the residents of Farmington, listening to their concerns about how development in the city grows.

We are at a crossroads with the increase in development of some key properties and the proposed development of other sites. How the city proceeds will be crucial to maintaining our positive context within our surrounding communities as a whole. We want to keep business and property values on that upswing.

Maria Taylor has a fresh viewpoint with a transitional sensibility that is needed to bridge the gap between keeping pace with our historical and modern aesthetics.

Maria Taylor has garnered the support of not only many citizens of Farmington, but also from friends, family, co-workers and business associates from outside of the city. Such support in a new candidate can only speak to her character.

I hope you will join me on Tuesday by voting for Maria Taylor for Farmington City Council.

Lynne Gagner


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