Your Voice: Talk about issues in Farmington election


Some recent political flyers seem to have raised the heat of Farmington political discussions to an – in my opinion – unhealthy level. A recent flyer that landed on doors in my neighborhood claims that a slate of candidates will be MANIPULATIVE and DESTRUCTIVE to the city of Farmington.

When asked about the flyers, the creator claimed they were about nothing more than “education” of the voters. There was precious little “education” in those flyers but certainly a whole lot of fear-mongering. The folks distributing the flyer don’t seem to have any idea what the folks in the slate are about, but they sure want to raise doubt and cast aspersions instead of talking about the issues facing the community.

Each candidate includes the issues they find important on their campaign pages (Facebook and/or web), but so far no one has seen fit to argue with any of them – or even point out individual votes they disagreed with. They are just afraid of three candidates with some overlapping interests who decided to pool resources during this campaign.

There seems to be an assumption that once elected, Maria, Johnna, and David will form a cabal of some sort and drive our community into the ground. It completely ignores the fact that two of the three candidates are incumbent and have served honorably on the council already.

Maria has endorsements from fellow committee members and folks all around the community, and I am proud to be one of them. During her tenure she has championed the idea that the historic personality of our community should not be traded for a quick buck. After every meeting she posts a summary to her Facebook page so that folks in the community can easily find out what happened. She pours out her support for local businesses and events around town. In my opinion, she is one of the hearts of this community and that showed in her vote totals when she ran the first time. I have no doubt it will show again.

I also want to say that I have gotten to know Johnna very well over the past year as we have been attending Emmaus small group sessions together through our church, Our Lady of Sorrows. She is simultaneously sweet, independent, and strong, and her faith drives her to serve. In addition, she is an excellent researcher and well educated on a plethora of topics. I have no doubt she will make a fine addition to our city council if elected, and I have zero fear that she would be bullied by ANYONE on the council into voting against her own conscience. I am thrilled to have her sign on my lawn beside Maria’s.

So please, Farmington community, do “educate” yourself. One group of candidates has been knocking on doors and openly discussing what’s important to them in positive ways, showing you exactly what kind of people they are.

Joseph Fleming

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