Your Voice: Supports Waun, Schneemann in Farmington


Please consider electing Cathi Waun to Farmington City Council on November 2nd.

In the course of her over five years of service on the Planning Commission, Cathi has demonstrated forward-thinking, reasoned decision making and crucial expertise as to the execution of the city and DDA’s plans, all of which would make her an invaluable asset to council.

A successful realtor, Cathi knows how to work with stakeholders such as developers while remaining keyed into the needs of current and prospective residents, skills which will be essential in helping ensure the long term vitality of our downtown and neighborhoods.

Despite her demanding schedule, Cathi has proven to be a dedicated and reliable volunteer, donating countless hours to improve our community. When storms hit this summer and emergency help was needed to clear Shiawassee Park of debris for the Founders Festival run, Cathi rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She has pitched in to help make the Harvest Moon and Grand Raven festivals a success.

She has demonstrated a commitment to improving Farmington’s cultural offerings in the arts, chairing the successful Oscar Shorts fundraisers which raised over $10,000.00 for our libraries as President of the Farmington Friends of the Library Board, serving on the board of KickstART Farmington, and helping implement multiple public art projects in Downtown Farmington as a DDA volunteer.

Cathi is a collaborative, inclusive leader who will respect and consider differing viewpoints while making the best decisions for Farmington’s success.

I also write to express support for Steve Schneemann’s re-election to Council. In his two decades of public service, he has been instrumental in many of the key developments that have made Farmington an attractive destination. He has lent his design expertise to countless projects and his advocacy on Council and as a former Mayor serving with the DDA was integral in securing approval for the long-awaited Farmington Road Streetscape, which will break ground next summer.

Even in the few areas where Steve and I may not completely see eye-to-eye, such as on the direction of the Maxfield redevelopment, my trust remains that he will work hard for Farmington in pushing the chosen developer toward the highest quality product and the essential connection between downtown and Shiawassee Park that remains at the top of residents’ priority lists. We would be well-served to give Steve another term to continue seeing his efforts for Farmington through to completion.

Sean Murphy

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