Your Voice: Supports Galvin, LaRussa for Farmington City Council

To the editor: 

The primary responsibility of our City Council is to manage the “small business” we know as the City of Farmington. Like any small business the City has employees, assets, budgets, revenues and bills to pay all while balancing the needs of us “customers” who are residents here.

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Each Councilperson must be capable of understanding how to use all available tools to ensure our City functions effectively. That means taking the time to research and evaluate options; and thoughtfully discussing alternatives with other Council members, professional consultants, appointed commissioners, City staff experts, in addition to us tax payers.

I believe Bill Galvin and Joe LaRussa have the skills to perform these duties with enthusiasm and dedication. Galvin is concluding his second term as Mayor and has unquestionably proven his abilities. LaRussa, a professional engineer, will be a new addition to the Council and can contribute his business management expertise and communications skills in support of the Council’s mission.

Voting for Bill Galvin and Joe LaRussa will help ensure Farmington’s future will be on solid ground.

Charles Paul

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