Your Voice: Support Green for Farmington Schools board


Our family has known Pam for over 20 years. She taught our children at Flanders Elementary School. I have also had the privilege of working for Pam Green when she was the principal at Hillside Elementary School.

Pam Green is one of the most incredible, versatile, positive people we have ever met. Our love and respect for her is immeasurable. She rose to leadership as a teacher and inevitably became one of the most admired principals in the Farmington Public School District.

All of our children were inspired by Pam on into adulthood. Our youngest daughter had Pam as a teacher in 2nd grade. Pam knew our daughter struggled with self-esteem. That year not only did Pam do a terrific job teaching her, but she also instilled confidence in her. She graduated college recently with a degree in Human Services and a Minor in Social Work. She now wants to help people the way Pam helps others. Our daughter recently said she owes her college degree to Pam Green! Pam made a lasting impression on her. We know many other families who have similar stories.

I’ve had the honor of working with Pam when she was an administrator. I was able to see up close Pam’s ability to lead and inspire others. Pam worked tirelessly to empower the staff, students and their families. She works collaboratively with everyone in a synergistic fashion. She engages everyone she comes in contact with her energetic and positive approach. Pam is a problem solver and has a passion for children, family, community and Farmington Public Schools.

Pam Green always has and always will make a lasting difference in people’s lives, that’s just who she is.

She is one of the hardest working people we have ever met. Pam has multiple years of experience and expertise that put her above the rest. We whole-heartedly endorse her for Farmington Public School Board during this upcoming election!

Thank you,

Lt Col Michael R. Mansfield, USAF Ret.
Relna Mansfield


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