Your Voice: Support environmental action, legislation

To the editor:

While the country focuses on the drought and extreme heat in the west and the devastating floods in Germany, climate change is also impacting Michigan.

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In the last month alone, 15.88 inches of rain fell on Detroit. To put that into context, 16 inches of rain would equal 160 feet of snow. Climate change is at the root of these issues, but Michigan’s aging infrastructure makes us even more vulnerable to the impact of severe weather.

More power outages occurred in Michigan than any other state in the past decade, the result of an outdated energy grid. Detroit’s combined sewer system, along with rising water levels, leads to the increasing number of flooding events in the city.

At the very least, Michigan needs to address the flooding problem by investing in green infrastructure such as rain gardens and the use of natural components such as vegetation and mulch to channel and cleanse storm water called bioswales. And we all need to support the environmental legislation currently under consideration in Washington. We deserve to live in a healthy state and country.

Michael Thomas
on behalf of The Sierra Club, Michigan Chapter

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