Your Voice: ‘Sister Kenny’ movie recalls the pain of polio

To the editor:

Saw a great movie, “Sister Kenny”, at the Farmington Civic Theater recently, sponsored by the Farmington Rotary Club as part of their continuing effort to keep their local community aware of the status of polio eradication in the world. Yes, we are very close to winning this fight.

Rotary International is correctly focused on eradicating Polio. However, as a Rotarian I received great pleasure in viewing this movie about the polio story before the EndPolioNow cause.

It showed what the children in the world suffered through with this terrible disease. Maybe most Rotarians were aware, but the experiences in the movie gave me a much clearer picture of what they went through. All the more reason to work harder eliminating this disease.

Many older Americans can recollect the polio epidemics of their youth, but since Polio has been eliminated in the US, have kind of put it in the very back of their mind. Farmington Rotary wants everyone to remember it, until we can finish the job we started to eradicate this disease.

We continue to raise funds, and with our many partners in the world continue to vaccinate millions of children every year. Did you know that any donation to this cause is matched 2-1 by Bill Gates? Think of it. Donate $50, and it becomes $150 all thanks to Bill Gates. Make a Donation.

The other part of the story is the struggle that Elizabeth Kenny went through trying to convince the medical establishment of the efficacy of the treatment methods she discovered while treating her first patients. Women today would find similar parallels to what women still go through to reach their goals. Sister Kenny would be a great inspiration for young women today.

Phil Abraham
Farmington Rotary Club

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