Your Voice: Sharing with those in need


Depending on how the Federal government responds with a stimulus package, some may be receiving direct deposits or checks in the near future. To some, this will be a windfall as you may still be working or you are being paid in full for the time away from your normal work. To others, the relief may be inadequate or nothing at all.

A suggestion, find a way to get funds to those truly in need. People are generous. Those that receive a windfall could donate a part or all of the funds received to a fund administered in a way to help the most vulnerable. Existing charities and churches could be called upon to help distribute the funds as needs are determined.

The idea of the stimulus is not only to get funds to those in need but to stimulate the economy. So for those receiving the windfall and donating to the fund, the maximum will be achieved. Food and other essentials will be purchased as opposed to an increase in a savings account.

Sure there are obstacles, and I am not suggesting the City establish the fund, but to pull together known resources to make this work. If we pull together, we can make this work. Inaction is not acceptable during this critical time.

Tom DeWard
Farmington Hills

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