Your Voice: Schneemann has vision for Farmington


I write to express my enthusiastic support for the re-election of Steve Schneemann to Farmington City Council.

In his nearly two decades of public service to the City of Farmington, Steve has brought great passion and clear vision to a variety of roles, including the Planning Commission, DDA, City Council, and most recently, as our Mayor.

As an architect, Steve understands the importance of precision and good design and has always aspired to the very best for Farmington. He has tirelessly applied this impeccable vision to his service, contributing countless pro bono hours toward ensuring that our projects reflect the quality and consistent design standards that Farmington deserves.

If you look around at the great developments that have made Farmington a destination over the last 15 years, such as the design and implementation of Riley Park and the transformative Grand River Streetscape, you will find that Steve Schneemann has played an integral role in bringing nearly each one to fruition.

Recently, Steve’s advocacy and leadership, both at the City Council and DDA levels, was crucial in securing approvals for the long-awaited Farmington Road Streetscape, which will bring much needed traffic calming, pedestrian safety and walkability, a better connection to surrounding neighborhoods, outdoor seating and dramatically improved aesthetics to the main thoroughfare into Downtown Farmington. His efforts toward future improvements will not stop there, however, as he works to implement a solution to redevelop the vacant Maxfield Training Center and better connect Shiawassee Park with the downtown, a goal which has been at the top of residents’ priority lists for several years.

Steve exemplifies the best values of our small town: he is an intelligent, inclusive, kind, and forward-thinking leader. I encourage your support to help him continue his exemplary service to Farmington. Please vote for Steve Schneemann on November 5th.

Sean Murphy

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