Your Voice: Schneemann embodies ‘spirit of Farmington’


Steve Schneemann is an excellent mayor and member of Farmington City Council who truly embodies the spirit of Farmington. He provides the leadership, proven fiscal responsibility and endless passion to continue to make Farmington one of the safest and most vibrant cities in Michigan.

His community experience is unmatched. For more than 15 years, Steve has selflessly volunteered his time and talents to improve the quality of life in our town. Along the way, he has enjoyed getting to know many Farmington families. He has personally taken an interest in what is important to all of us.

Not only is this valuable for the entire city of Farmington, but it is particularly useful for building consensus on city council. During his tenure on city council, Steve has consistently balanced the needs of downtown with all the neighborhoods throughout our town.

Farmington is not the biggest town in Michigan. So it’s important for us to elect leadership who will deftly inspire us all to work together. Together we can continue to enjoy a reliable atmosphere of public safety, excellent fiscal health and important civic projects that will make our community more walkable. And that’s why, together, we need to re-elect Steve Schneemann to Farmington City Council.

Chris Halas

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