Your Voice: Robertson project represents reasonable growth


My family and I have lived in Farmington 20+ years. We frequent Farmington merchants, Shiawassee park and festivals. Reasonable growth is important to us to maintain our historic town and manage our resources.

I researched and am sharing my views on the proposed Maxfield housing development.

Maxfield project chart

The reviews of River Caddis apartments and Robertson Brothers town homes are outlined in my chart. Details are culled from Request For Quotes (RFQ). Research has been added to reflect personal observations, from the RFQs, with regards to density, environment and community impact.

Maxfield Project Robertson

I support the Robertson Brothers project. It represents manageable growth with a lighter environmental impact on the 3 acre site due to the lower density development.

River Caddis

Farmington Council will be reviewing and possibly voting on Thursday March 4th at 6 p.m.

To attend see directions and ZOOM numbers at the bottom of page at

See full plans (they load slowly) Robertson Brothers, River Caddis

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