Your Voice: River Caddis better fit for Maxfield site

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted to Farmington city officials and provided to Farmington Voice for publication. 

As concerned residents, we want to help inform your decision, but more importantly we want to encourage you to make the right decision for Farmington. You were elected to represent us and we trust in your leadership to consider ALL of the available information and make the best decision for the entire city.

Looking at the remaining two developers still under consideration it seems that one of them – River Caddis – has demonstrated higher qualifications for this project. While a lot of public opinion has revolved around the type of housing and density proposed for this site, there are other very important aspects to take into account as you make your choice.

First and foremost, the MTC (Maxfield Training Center) site is contaminated. Both the building and the site in general will require the highest care and skill to mitigate and control the contamination there; remediation of the existing building and land to EPA standards with regard to the home owners in such close proximity is of utmost importance. As victims of the Flanders school demolition, we know how agitating improper means can be.

According to the evaluation summary the City Council received, River Caddis scored the highest regarding work on brownfields in a downtown or key commercial corridor. This site is not a remote industrial park or some other place with plenty of room to work. This site is right in the middle of our city and we should enlist the best help possible to ensure any remediation is top-notch. Furthermore, River Caddis scored the highest in their experience with finding, obtaining, and utilizing incentive support including grants from the state. These aspects make them a strong potential partner for the city to ensure we the taxpayers are not the only ones helping to fund this project.

Another significant element of the River Caddis plan is that it proposes nearly twice the number of units as the other favored company. One would think that more people would mean more discretionary income. This income could prove to be invaluable to our downtown as it recovers from the economic downturn of the pandemic.

We trust that you will choose the best developer partner for Farmington. There will be ample time to scrutinize the details for the site. We have confidence in your leadership to make the right choice for our city.

Tim and Susan Wardle

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