Your Voice: Responds to Farmington mayor’s election letter


It seems that as the city election season winds down here in SE Michigan, mayors and mayor pro tems of the Detroit suburbs are punching down because they’re freaking out that they may lose some majority stranglehold control over their councils. Whoops! This is what it looks like when you can’t run on your own merit folks, and it ain’t pretty.

Here at The Guerrilla Politic, we’ve become notorious for, dare I say, doing our job and helping down-ballot candidates kick ass and take names. This attempt at painting us out for progressive world-domination is super flattering and all, but ultimately very hyperbolic.

The candidates and incumbents we work with work hard, and as much as we’d like to take all the credit, we can’t. We simply create well-designed lit or smart field plans or help them craft their message to be about their values and why they run. Our candidates do the heavy lifting. They knock on hundreds, and in some cases, thousands, of doors. They have hard conversations with people about issues that matter to them. And yes, they ask for contributions from friends and family and potential endorsers so they can print door hangers and mailers. I mean mailers are expensive.

They are passionate about their communities and see things like overdevelopment as shortsighted. They think it’s unacceptable that some of their municipal representatives are anti-diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. They believe that we are in a climate crisis right now and want to find innovative ways to solve it. They are totally over the power-adjacent sycophantism that runs wild in city governments.

Despite what some clear Republican is squawking at you in a non-partisan race where “politics don’t belong,” that’s just their diversion. Our candidates are not wealthy. They do not come from lineage or some well-organized machine. They’re normal, everyday people just like you and me. They work as engineers and editors and teachers and social workers. They just want to make a difference. And they don’t need to sow divisiveness to do it.

And, spoiler alert, it takes effort and resources to run for office. This is a post-Trump world where you no longer get to show up and win after sticking a yard sign on the corner of Farmington Rd. and Grand River. You. Actually. Have. To. Put. In. The. Work. And run on your own merit and your own ideas.

Our candidates are not afraid of any of that, but you have to ask yourself why their opponents are so scared? They are attacking not just our candidates, but my business as well. We’re a Detroit-based, women-owned business run by a single mom. We would never represent anyone who didn’t believe in helping their communities and wasn’t willing to do the work. Publicity stunts are great (and we appreciate the free press), but in my professional opinion – they need to stop attacking and start getting to work. It will serve them much better in the long run.

Adrienne Pickett

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