Your Voice: Responds to ’11th hour’ attacks on Farmington candidate

To the editor: 

This Tuesday, Farmington voters have a clear choice. For voters who want a council member who listens to residents, who truly hears their concerns, a representative who will put the interests of residents first, Maria Taylor is your choice. Why? It’s simple. Maria has spent months walking neighborhoods across the city, knocking doors and talking directly with voters like you and me to hear what issues are important to us. Instead of the “we know best” attitude we get from the status quo candidates who currently sit on City Council, Taylor actually wants to hear from the people she will represent.

Unlike her opponents, it’s Taylor who has taken positions that strike the right balance between progress and preservation. We need a city that can move forward in the 21st Century while protecting and respecting the character of the community that makes it unique. But you won’t get that from the incumbents. Instead, they seem intent on bulldozing our history while putting up roadblocks to anything that challenges a particular incumbent’s business interests. Maria understands that festivals and food truck rallies won’t “destroy” downtown, they’ll make it a lively place that appeals to people of all ages and all walks of life.

At the 11th hour, there’s been some desperate mud-slinging coming from supporters of the status quo. Fearing that Taylor may actually beat one of their favorites, they are attacking her with anonymous mailings and false accusations online. Instead of engaging on the issues, they are resorting to attacking Maria personally. Why? Because she refused to play the game by their rules and instead went directly to the voters to win their support. Let’s go to the polls this Tuesday and send a message to these malcontents. Stand up and be counted by voting for Maria Taylor!

Ryan Cannon


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