Your Voice: Residents petition for Maxfield townhomes


At the January 19 Special Meeting of City Council, Farmington residents presented a petition recommending Robertson Brothers Homes to be the developer for the Maxfield Training Center.

Eighty-five (85) residents signed the petition favoring the proposal by Robertson Brothers Homes to build 59 owner-occupied townhomes on the vacant school site. Gathered over the course of only a few days, the 85 signatures represent, we believe, the overall sentiment of Farmington citizens.

Residents favor a lower-density community of townhomes on the 3-acre downtown site and are opposed to a larger-scale project of apartments. The Council’s other choice is River Caddis who is proposing upwards of 124 apartments.

Although the petition is no longer being circulated, people can tune in to the City Council Zoom meeting on Tuesday, February 16 starting at 6:00 pm when the five City Council members may choose the developer for the Maxfield Training Center.

We hope that the City Council will heed the wishes of the citizens of Farmington and select Robertson Brothers Homes.

Jane and Rick Gundlach

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