Your Voice: Re-elect Joe LaRussa to Farmington council


This letter is in support of re-electing Joe LaRussa to Farmington City Council.

The City of Farmington has been very fortunate to have Joe LaRussa on City Council, and now he is running for re-election. Joe has demonstrated strong leadership and communication skills and is a valuable asset to Farmington, and we want his good work to continue.

1. Joe demonstrates fiscal responsibility. Joe is budget conscious and strives to ensure that project requests are economically feasible before they are approved.

2. Joe asks the right questions to help make the right decisions.

3. Joe’s leadership and professional engineering background are true assets for our city, and he has used these skills to pursue resources for our parks and helped organize neighborhood projects in our City.

4. Joe’s expert knowledge of technology has led to more efficient infrastructure enhancements like the LED streetlight conversion. The LED streetlight conversion has saved residents money on electricity while maintaining safe streets and sidewalks during the nighttime hours.

5. Joe supported the crosswalk ordinance that has made the downtown area safer by slowing down and stopping traffic for pedestrians.

6. Joe meets with Farmington residents on a regular basis to provide updates related to city projects and to hear resident’s concerns. Residents have been invited to participate in “Coffee with Joe” at one of many coffee shops in Farmington.

7. Joe has led a major project within his own neighborhood. Joe gained the support of residents and was instrumental in securing new gateway signs. These signs were funded by the neighborhood.

Joe has been an integral part of the Farmington City Council team. They have done great things together and we would like to see this continue.

Let’s re-elect Joe LaRussa to Farmington City Council, along with the entire incumbent team, so that our city will continue down the path of growth and vibrancy.


Bill and Susan Murphy

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