Your Voice: Quiet condo complex best fit for Maxfield


As proud residents of Farmington for over 38 years, we wanted to share a couple thoughts re: the projected Maxfield Training Center (MTC) Project, and the potential direction toward selecting one of two developers that could take place at the February 15, 2021 City Council meeting.

We bike and walk from the Flanders neighborhood to the downtown area frequently enjoying the walk and the downtown amenities, along with the conveniences like the movie theatre, Fresh Thyme, Post Office and other local businesses. We often end up walking thru the neighborhoods and down the stairs behind the MTC to Shiawassee Park — another favorite destination.

We are writing as residents who love the downtown and surrounds, as well as the neighborhoods. With that focus, we have looked at the 4 original proposals, that were recently narrowed down to 2, and want to express how much we believe that a small, quiet condo development would be the best fit. As retirees, we have talked to many friends who love this community as much as we do and hope to stay after downsizing from our home(s). A condominium complex close to the downtown (as Wynset and Pine Woods are) would be very appealing to us and others.

A larger apartment complex is often a place for people looking for shorter term living, and the high density would greatly increase vehicular traffic in that “now quiet” adjoining neighborhood. There are other large apartment complexes in the Farmington/Farmington Hills communities (Muirwood, Jamestown, Kensington, Independence Green, and many more) that would probably provide housing for anyone looking for an apartment, without the need to add one more.

Pam & George Wright

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