Your Voice: Perrot passionate about city’s future


As a Farmington resident for 44 years, I’ve voted in many city council elections, and I never felt I had a personal stake in one until now. That’s because candidate Geof Perrot has been my neighbor for 13 years.

Geof is a hard-working family man who wants to see Farmington remain a great place for his twin daughters to grow up in and raise their families. As a reporter at the Detroit Free Press for 27 years, I covered a lot of metro elections and met and interviewed hundreds of candidates. I’ve heard so many of them talk a good game but then fail to deliver because of lack of experience or personal agendas.

I know Geof is not that kind of candidate. He’s passionate about Farmington, about this city’s future. That’s good enough for me. I’m voting Perrot.

John Castine

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