Your Voice: Pam Green is an experienced educator


Our Farmington community electorate has an important decision to make this November as we will vote for candidates seeking a position on the Farmington Schools Board of Education.

Pam Green is one of the candidates. She is a former principal and teacher at Farmington Public Schools (FPS). Her plus thirty-year track record of involvement with FPS and its community embodied all the qualities needed for LEADERSHIP on the Board of Education. From her “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” (1996) to her “Oakland County Principal of the Year” (2016), Pam has always illustrated that she is FOR KIDS, FOR PARENTS, FOR TEACHERS, AND FOR FPS!

It is with great pleasure I recommend her as a candidate.

Pam has the five qualities that FPS needs for its Board Members. Listed below are these qualities with real life examples as actions speak louder than words.


Pam is an advocate. She has consistently worked with local business leaders, community and state representatives, places of worship, hospitals, and families, advocating for needed programs.

EXAMPLE: Through Pam’s advocacy, programs such as Cengage Learning Literacy, Mobile Dentist, Reading Rocks, and Senior Adults Giving Education, are integrated within FPS.


Pam has extensive experience working with parents, teachers, administrators, and legislators in our district.

EXAMPLE: Having thirty-plus years of experience Pam understands how to navigate the dynamics of complex and challenging issues. She will hit-the-ground-running.


Pam exhibits a strong and balanced understanding of the current educational challenges and opportunities. She knows the educational standards (Common Core) and the testing and evaluation requirements.

EXAMPLE: Pam worked with research science staff at NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) to dig deeply into interpretation, use, and learning outcomes for students taking the FPS MAP test.

Community Recognition and Outreach

Pam is viewed as easily approachable and promotes high levels of parent and community engagement.

EXAMPLE: Pam sponsored and secured funds for programs including the Childhood Leukemia Org, Local Humane Society, and SANKOFA.

Innovative Leadership

Pam is a consummate leader and takes initiative to research and identify real-world innovative solutions that work.

EXAMPLE: Pam created the first “Pedal Desk” program which allowed students to access constructive physical activity in the classroom for “Brain-Base” learning. Pam has proven leadership on curriculum, school-improvement, and administrative committees at FPS.

In closing, Pam Green is the strongest candidate running for the FPS Board of Education, and I urge you to cast your vote for her.

Wendy Davis

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