Your Voice: Pam Green goes above and beyond for everyone


Mrs. Green, as I came to know and love her, was a huge impact on not just my school life but just life in general.

She taught more than just Math, Science, English and all the things in between. She taught me how to treat people the right way, and how to really get the most from the world around you. This is huge to be able to do this with a ten-year-old boy.

The effort she puts into her work makes you want to try harder with what you do. I remember trying my hardest to be the best student I could for her. Even though I knew she’d love me just the same if I didn’t do the best. She went out of the way to show me how much she appreciated my efforts and literally made me a pair of shoes and decorated them for me as a gift.

She didn’t have to go spend her own money and time doing this, but that’s the person she is. She goes above and beyond to help everyone around her, and I truly think she succeeds in doing so. I still don’t feel right calling her Pam because I have the utmost respect for her even all these years later. One of the few teachers I will remember forever, and one of the best people I know.

Thank you to her for helping me to be the man I am today. I couldn’t think of anyone better for the school board. For her to be able to affect so many more kids in the amazing ways she did with me is an opportunity the Farmington Public Schools system simply can’t pass up. She will make sure she gets done what needs to be done and always do it with a smile. I haven’t met many people in my life that enjoy working hard for something, Pam Green is one of the few.

Marcus Britts

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