Your Voice: Municipal broadband ‘about the dumbest idea ever’


Wait, what?

City of Farmington and Farmington councils sat and listened to proposals to create what amounts to a city-owned broadband “utility” that could potentially improve our residents’ access to better wifi? Who thought that was a good idea? According to the proposals it would require $107 million dollars of our tax money, the hiring of 24 additional employees to manage the utility, plus an estimated $3,500 dollar charge for homeowners and business owners just to enroll in this new service.


Consultants are recommending our two cities get into competition with national conglomerates like our current Spectrum provider, and any other competitor like Wow, Comcast, AT&T, etc. which may come into town, on the if-come that enough residents and businesses would enroll?

Are we to believe that anyone in either city government thinks they are capable of creating an entire bureaucratic infrastructure to build and manage a utility like this? And oh, by the way, if the current wifi providers who’ve been working at this for decades can’t figure out how to improve their customer services, are we supposed to believe our local government employees with absolutely no experience could possibly do a better job? At lower projected charges?

There’s been some stupid ideas proposed to our local governments, but this is about the dumbest idea ever. I’m confident both Farmington and Farmington Hills council members have much, much more important issues to deal with than wasting their time on this ridiculous recommendation.

Charles Paul

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