Your Voice: Maxfield apartment proposal a poor fit


I am opposed to the proposed plan for redevelopment of the Maxfield Training Center (MTC) property located in downtown Farmington, Michigan. This plan was presented at a public hearing on Monday, July 9, at 7 p.m., at Farmington City Hall.

The plan calls for 115 rental apartments and 175 surface parking spaces with three 4-story buildings (48 feet tall.) The high density apartments proposed for this relatively small site is a poor fit for residential neighborhood and for the nearby downtown Farmington.

The MTC property abuts the residential Historic District. This charming, walkable neighborhood has value to the city that extends beyond its charm.

It has higher property values than non-historic district neighborhoods (a nationwide finding). The Historic District neighborhood also gives authenticity and character to the commercial shopping district. A dense, high story apartment threatens this Historic District.

The 115 apartments will bring 150 to 250 vehicles with it. The city does not have parking or roads to handle this increased volume of vehicles. Do not follow in Ann Arbor’s footsteps and render parking so difficult that potential shoppers/diners/browsers turn around and go home because they cannot park the car.


Marilyn Weimar

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