Your Voice: Listen to the people on Maxfield project


MTC (Maxfield Training Center) is a big deal. Literally, it will be the biggest project, in terms of size, height and finances, to be built in Farmington in years. And, yes, it will be transformational — hopefully, in the best possible way.

And who will make the big decision on what will go on the site – apartments or townhomes? It will be the five current City Council members who will decide. The City Council members have heard a lot from the community through petitions, emails, letters, op eds, public comment and personal conversations.

Council members have heard, overwhelmingly, that Farmington residents prefer Robertson Brothers townhomes on the MTC site. Our recommendations have been thoughtful, clear and based on more than just preference. They have been backed up with facts and figures, the Master Plan and the Vision Plan, and codes and ordinances.

Still we, the Farmington residents, don’t feel we’ve been heard by everyone on City Council. It is not the hired consultants, nor the city administrators, nor the DDA to which City Council should be listening to the most. In the end, it should be us Farmington residents who live here – and particularly the neighbors – whose voices should be heard most and put the strongest weight on the decision.

Our American democracy is based on the premise that elected officials should vote according to the “will of the people.” And the people of Farmington have clearly spoken!

Jill Keller

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