Your Voice: LaRussa will represent all of Farmington

To the editor:

The residents of Precinct Four in south Farmington have not had a voice on the Farmington City Council for many years.

All homeowners pay taxes in a fair and equal manner but the distribution of those resources is not fair and equal. It seems that all of the money goes downtown and none to the outlying areas. For example, we need our roads repaired but have been told that it is not a high priority project.

Farmington City Council candidate Joe LaRussa is a resident of the Farmington Meadows subdivision (located in Precinct Four). Joe understands that resources must be balanced between downtown and the other parts of the city. Joe understands the significance of a vibrant downtown and its relationship to the other neighborhoods. Joe understands parking problems, redevelopment problems, and management of resources. Joe’s agenda is well thought out and respects the opinions of all.

We would do well to have Joe’s enthusiasm and thoughtfulness on our City Council; he is a candidate who will work for all of his constituents.

Tim and Susan Wardle

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