Your Voice: LaRussa will bring character to Farmington council

To the editor:

Farmington has several choices for City Council on November 7, and I am proud that my husband, Joe LaRussa, will be on the ballot. He has been working diligently, sharing his ideas, listening to neighbors, and spreading the word that he is capable and ready to be a leader in our community.

He has shared his qualifications and experience in forums and interviews, but I would like to offer some insight into Joe’s character. Joe is, and has always been, the best decision-maker I know. He is confident, creative, and not afraid to “think outside the box,” and he will not give up until he finds a solution to a problem. He genuinely cares for people, and he enjoys getting to know their stories. He is disciplined, engaging, energetic, and hard working. He has a servant’s heart, and he wants to make Farmington a great place for our kids, and for you and your family, too.

A few years ago, Joe and I created a family mission statement, and we use it to guide our decisions on how we use our time, talent, and resources. These values – Love God. Serve others. Tell the truth. Work hard. Choose wisely. Be thankful. – speak to the type of man Joe is, and I know that he would apply these same values to his role on the Farmington City Council. He has the full support of myself and our two children, and we hope you will support him with your vote on November 7. Thank you!

Missy LaRussa


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