Your Voice: LaRussa endorses in Farmington council race


This November Farmington will once again return to the ballot box to elect leaders to the City Council.

I’ve been approached by more than a few residents asking whom I support in the upcoming election.

While I believe all voters should do candidate research, I appreciate being asked for my assessment and am humbled that my feedback would be considered as voters weigh their options.

This Fall, I’m supporting Steve Schneemann and Maria Taylor for re-election. These two colleagues have not only been good stewards for and servants of the City, but they are the best candidates to continue our positive trajectory.

Steve and I have been collaborators even before I was elected to City Council. On the Downtown Development Authority’s Design Committee, I saw first-hand how his design skills and leadership have made a positive impact on our downtown and city overall. Steve’s architectural background and his eye for what makes Farmington special will be crucial to the execution of the large re-development projects in the pipeline, including the Farmington Road Streetscape and the Maxfield Training Center (MTC) redevelopment and its related public amenities.

At our most recent City Council meeting, Steve offered to provide concept design input to the connection planned between Riley Park and Shiawassee Park as part of the MTC project, and he has been deeply involved in the purchase agreement discussions to ensure Farmington gets the best project possible. This kind of commitment, leadership, and contribution of professional skill demonstrate why Steve should be re-elected.

Maria and I came to council together in 2017. We were competitors who quickly became collaborators.

On many occasions I have found Maria to be thoughtful, open-minded, and committed to Farmington’s unique fusion of history and future development. She has also demonstrated a commitment to service to the residents of Farmington that I respect and share with her. Most recently, she took time off from work to join me and a caravan of residents to attend the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) meeting to speak on the cumulative impact of multiple power outages in our community.

She spoke passionately about residents who depend on reliable power to keep medicine refrigerated or keep life-sustaining medical equipment running in their homes. She has also collaborated with me to open communication lines with state and federal elected officials who can bring additional resources and attention to Farmington’s plight. This kind of service should be rewarded with re-election.

I believe Steve and Maria bring valuable perspectives that contribute to achieving consensus on big decisions for the City of Farmington. I know many of the other candidates in this race and have worked with most of them previously as well. I am confident that no matter who else prevails in November, I will be able to effectively collaborate with them, and I know Steve and Maria will too.

I encourage all Farmington residents to cast your vote for Steve Schneemann and Maria Taylor on your absentee ballot or at the polling place on November 2nd.

Joe LaRussa

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