Your Voice: LaRussa cares about Farmington’s future


I endorse Joe LaRussa to keep his seat in the City Council in Farmington.

Our city is growing and new businesses are popping up, as are proposals for creative ways to “re-use” the older buildings and property in our city that have lost their original purpose. Being an engineer and businessman, Joe uses his leadership skills and knowledge in the Council meetings when discussing the wisdom of certain proposals to “better our community”. It is imperative for a councilperson to be able to balance decisions to preserve Farmington’s amazing history and yet be able to bring new technology and smart development to our city.

Joe listens; he doesn’t just talk. Farmington residents asked for better broadband service options – so Joe headed up a program. He is patient and understands the value of research to get to the “whole picture” of an opportunity. Joe started studying public broadband projects in other cities, knowing this will help Farmington and Farmington Hills avoid the same pitfalls those other cities had. Farmington residents now can choose from three private sector broadband providers, in addition to several providers that cater specifically to businesses.

He is never afraid to speak with anyone about what ideas he has for attracting/retaining young families in Farmington, safety stats, and plans for Downtown Farmington and our neighborhoods. He has spoken about how to better support local businesses (particularly those that are minority-owned). He has shown his skills for obtaining grant money for our city and rolling up his sleeves to get what our city needs. Joe LaRussa cares deeply about this city’s future for his own family AND ours. Get out there in November and vote for Joe LaRussa!

Faith Brower
Farmington Resident for 16 years

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