Your Voice: It’s time for an educator on the FPS board


Lawyers and business owners seem to do alright when it comes to running the Farmington School Board.  They have done a noble job dealing with the financial and legal difficulties they have faced for the past 5-10 years.  Yet I cannot help but wonder how much easier some of their decisions could have been if they had the influence of an educator on the board.

Someone who has years of experience teaching and as an administrator could give input on proposed programs and rule changes using his/her experience implementing programs and rule changes.  When decisions about hiring, discipline, curriculum, implementation of federal guidelines, resource allotment, etc. are needed, having someone with hands-on experience helps take the guesswork out.

That is why I agree with everyone who says it is time for Pam Green to be elected to the Farmington Schools Board of Education in November 2018. Her connection to Farmington Schools only begins with the fact that her kids attended FPS schools. She also has 30+ years as a teacher and administrator at 4 different FPS schools. She knows how to adapt to student needs as a teacher and how to adapt to teacher needs as an administrator. For her whole career she has advanced education with FPS all the while complying with the restrictions, budget decreases, and requirement changes that the federal and state governments have forced on us.

When Pam was a teacher and administrator for my kids at Flanders, she was a tireless worker and advocate for proper and tough teaching and learning. She continued that same style as a principle at three other schools. I am sure she will bring the same attitude and ability to the FPS board.

Dr.  John Cromwell
FPS parent
Owner, Cromwell Family Chiropractic

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