Your Voice: It’s about time for Pam Green on Farmington school board


I am writing to express my support for Pamela Green as a candidate for Farmington Public Schools School Board. I have had the opportunity to get to know Pamela over the years and have seen her passion for public education, educators and especially students.

For 31 years, Pam has worked in Farmington Public Schools as an educator and then as an administrator at William Grace Elementary, Hillside Elementary and Kenbrook Elementary. Her commitment to students and desire for open and clear communication with parents is truly remarkable.

An example of this is the Bountiful Backpacks program she founded in 2008. Creating a collaboration with Busch’s Supermarkets and Visions Unlimited, the program not only helped students at Visions Unlimited with life skills training, but also students throughout the district with inadequate food at home.

Under her leadership at William Grace, students significantly improved test scores on the MEAP. Collaboration and open communication amongst the staff and with the parents created a true sense of community.

During her time at Hillside Elementary, she led a transformation of the school culture by implementing Covey’s “Leader in Me” program using innovative fundraising events such as the “Color Splash Dash” and “Movie Nights” for students which offset most of the costs of implementing the program.

And she has also been a parent of children who went through their entire K-12 education at Farmington.

No other candidate for FPS School Board has her experience as an educator, administrator and parent. Her insights into the workings of the district are invaluable to us as community residents. No other candidate has seen and felt the impact of communication problems within the district when new teaching approaches in math and science are implemented without proper or adequate feedback and training of educators. Indeed, the implementation of the trimester system, ostensibly to improve student achievement was nothing more than a cost saving measure that only made student achievement worse.

Looking at the biographies of each candidate for Farmington School Board, it is obvious that Pam Green has the experience, knowledge of the workings of the district and passion for education and students that we need to return FPS to its place as a premier Michigan school district.

I support Pam Green because it’s about time we had somebody like her on the School Board.

Richard Mukamal
Farmington Hills

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