Your Voice: Incumbents move Farmington in the right direction

To the editor:

I know it is not just me, but I think everyone has noticed the increase in energy, a vibe if you will, in the City of Farmington.

The vitality is felt throughout the city. To the north, 14 new single-family homes at the old courthouse building will soon begin construction. To the south, 33 new homes and a neighborhood park have already been constructed at the old Flanders school
site. To the east, two new medical building projects have been proposed along with other
redevelopment projects such as the Taqueria Victoria Mexican Restaurant. And to the west, the redevelopment of the old Kmart center. And that doesn’t include our downtown!

In our neighborhoods, we see for sale signs come down almost as soon as they are put up. More and more people want to be part of what is Farmington. Property values are increasing.
This doesn’t just happen by chance. It has been through the hard work and leadership of our
councilmen, Jeff Scott, Bill Galvin and Greg Cowley.

They each have dedicated over a decade of volunteer service to the City of Farmington. Jeff Scott, 4 years on Council and 10 years on the planning commission and zoning board of appeals. Bill Galvin 6 years on Council and current 2 term mayor. Greg Cowley, 6 years on Council with 10 years on the DDA. It’s no wonder, with their experience, that Farmington is going in the right direction.

We need Farmington to keep moving in the right direction. Let’s not slow the progress that has been made. Vote on November 7 for Jeff Scott, Bill Galvin and Greg Cowley.

Janice Hall
35+ year Farmington Resident

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