Your Voice: Incumbents do not represent Farmington residents

(Editor’s note: The letter writer is responding to this endorsement editorial published in the Farmington Observer: Incumbents the choices in local races.)

To the editor:

I can’t help but react to the editorial, “Incumbents the best choices in local races” in the October 26 issue of the Farmington Observer.

(The) inclusion of their accomplishments and involvement as current Council Members in the development of the City recommending a high-rise, high-density apartment building in the Maxfield Training Center location and their support of the master plan that will relocate the current City Hall, the Department of Public Safety and the Library from their current central locations in the downtown area and away from the city’s main artery of Grand River Avenue are the exact and main reasons why these incumbents do not represent us.

Why would they support bringing renters into the most prime location of the city’s downtown?

Why even consider adding an average of 300 to 400 people to an already congested downtown where parking is already a problem? Do they even know that by putting a high-density apartment building in that area could actually reduce the property values of those beautiful, historic homes around it?

What about the effect that an additional 300-400 renters will have on the city’s public safety? On a tax-revenue perspective, owner-occupied housing will bring in more tax revenues, not to mention residents who care more about their properties. We, as homeowners in downtown Farmington, pay a premium to live in this area.

Regarding the site of the City Hall, the Public Safety Department and the Library – what do you think these incumbents are thinking? Shouldn’t these buildings be in a central downtown location and on the main crossroads of the city (Grand River Ave. & Farmington Rd.) where they already are?

Building another stacked/multi-level condos or townhomes in this location similar to those new constructions in Royal Oak or Livonia will ruin the neighborhood’s landscape, an open green space and a memorial park, and disturb the character of a quaint, historical downtown. The City of Farmington has its own unique appeal and nowhere near the size of these cities.

To the new candidates, Maria Taylor and Joe LaRussa – you are our future, you are our voices. Heed our plea!

Zita Collins


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