Your Voice: Green is devoted to Farmington Public Schools


My name is MaryBeth Sikora. I am a Farmington Public Schools employee, as well as a mother and grandmother of children who have attended or currently attend Farmington Schools.

I would like to highlight a few of the reasons that I will be voting for Pam Green to serve on the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education. Pam Green has my full support, and I can’t think of a better candidate.

I have been lucky to serve in numerous roles during my 33 years in Farmington Public Schools, including Career Development Coordinator, Parent Family Coordinator, Staff Development, Behavior Interventionist and Restorative Practices Facilitator, and worked closely with Pam in every role. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to know and work with Pam to support our students, families, and educators.

Pam Green has been devoted to the Farmington Public Schools and the successes of each child since I can remember. I witnessed first-hand Pam’s commitment to the betterment of students, families, and staff. From a teacher to an administrator, Pam has always worked tirelessly to advocate for the students and families of the Farmington Public Schools community, and continues to do so today. She always seeks to understand by listening and collaborating with all stakeholders in order to put plans in action that will enhance all parties, and always with positive intent. Her knowledge of education will enhance the board and provide the expertise of a lifelong educator.

I have seen Pam at numerous community events recently, and always express my support for her candidacy, but seeing her is not surprising because she has always been an integral part of community events and has always volunteered her time to support the schools and community.

It is because of this, Pam Green should be a member of the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education.

MaryBeth Sikora
Farmington Hills

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