Your Voice: Green believes in equity, inclusion for students


Pam Green was my son’s principal at Kenbrook Elementary School for a short time when he was in first grade but in that time she made a huge impact on both of our lives.

I am the parent of a special needs student and I will never forget the first time I had to reach out to Pam about worries that my son had about his day. She personally checked in on him throughout the day and sent me updates to let me know how he was adjusting and that things were going well. When my son was struggling she was not only willing to admit what the school could do better, but also made sure that those changes were put into place to better support him. Pam not only truly listened but also took action and showed that the words she spoke have real meaning and can be counted on.

Pam also brings knowledge of special education to the table, something that I deeply feel needs more support on our school board. She understands special education not only as an educator but also as a parent, and that is something I believe that we desperately need at FPS.

The connection that Pam developed with my child was genuine and we still keep in contact with her to this day. She is a wonderful person who truly believes in equity and empowering students and families as important voices. Pam is caring, passionate, helpful, empathetic and a true joy to know.

I encourage everyone to vote for Pam Green for FPS school board on November 6.

Amanda Thielen
Farmington Hills

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