Your Voice: Galvin will bring leadership skills to Oakland County


With all the political noise going on around us on the national and state levels, have you taken time to consider who is the best candidate to represent you at the county level as county commissioner?

Our community has been blessed to have Bill Dwyer serve in that position for a number of years, but time has its way of marching on and Commissioner Dwyer is retiring. To fill this void Commissioner Dwyer approached Bill Galvin to take his place.

Leading is not new to Bill. He is currently a member of the Farmington City Council having served as its mayor for two terms. He sits on numerous committees, boards and commissions throughout Farmington, Oakland Country and Southeast Michigan. With a total of 21 commissioners representing their communities, the county commissioner’s position is not place for on the job training. We need a strong experience voice, speaking on our behalf at the county level, and that is Bill Galvin.

As a business owner, I am always looking for ways to become more efficient and economically competitive. Bill is a proven supporter of small business and job growth. During his time on city council and as Farmington’s mayor, he has helped lead our community new economic development. I am confident he will bring those same leadership skills to Oakland County.

When I pay my taxes, I expect those in charge will also do the same. Bill Galvin’s strength is financial stewardship. As a businessman, I expect things to get accomplished. When you look around is seems that many in government like to talk about issues but don’t necessarily expect things to get done. Bill does not make promises without first articulating a sound plan, providing a financial means for implementation and a timeline for expected execution.

So, when you go to vote in the next few days, keep our voice strong in Oakland County. Vote, Bill Galvin for your county commissioner.

Jeff Scott

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