Your Voice: Galvin takes time to learn about communities


Several months ago, I was approached by Bill Galvin. He knew that I was a member of Franklin’s Village Council and heavily involved in our community. He wanted to learn about Franklin’s needs, issues, and heritage. He explained that this was how he interacts and listens to citizens to represent them better. This really impressed me.

Franklin is in the middle of this district. We are smaller and rely on the county for some of our services.

This county district includes several different communities. I am asking you to vote for Bill Galvin for our next county commissioner because he has taken the time to learn about each of these communities. We need a commissioner like Bill Galvin who listens and knows how to engage our citizens. Galvin has earned my confidence as the best qualified person to represent us. I hope that my county neighbors in Farmington and Farmington Hills will join me in voting for Bill Galvin for County Commissioner.

Dr. Fred Gallasch
Franklin Village

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