Your Voice: Galvin is best choice for county commissioner


Most of us don’t think about what our county commissioners do all day. But fortunately, a great county commissioner both thinks about and works for the people of their counties every day. That’s exactly what Bill Dwyer has done. And it’s why Bill Galvin is the best candidate to succeed him.

Bill Galvin will apply his irrepressible drive, experience, expertise and passion for civil service to the role of Oakland County Commissioner. With his proven track record and unmatched knowledge of the issues facing Oakland County, he will support our local services, the county budget, capital improvement plans, and especially public safety.

In addition to Galvin’s service to the people of Farmington as mayor and as a seven-year member of city council, he offers a wealth of relevant experience from his other leadership roles. He served on the Southwest Oakland County Cable Commission, Beaumont Farmington Hills Community Advisory Board, Greater Farmington Chamber of Commerce Board, Farmington Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors, and the Farmington/Farmington Hills/Farmington Public Schools Joint Task Force.

To me, there is an important through line in all of Bill Galvin’s experience. Each of his prior roles were non-partisan positions, which is the training ground for consensus building. And consensus will be paramount for securing needed investments in infrastructure, including roads and water systems, equitable solutions for regional transit and policies that are designed to end distracted driving crashes.

With all the work we need our next Oakland County Commissioner to perform on our behalf every day, I think you’ll agree that Bill Galvin is the best choice to represent Farmington and Farmington Hills. Please join me in voting for Bill Galvin for Oakland County Commissioner.

Chris Halas

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