Your Voice: Former mayor endorses in Farmington council race


I am recommending that we get out the vote for our three incumbents running for another term on our City Council, Joe LaRussa, Sara Bowman and Steve Schneemann. These individuals educate, examine, and discuss the issues before them so they can make informed, deliberate and wise decisions.

Through their collective efforts we are seeing good business decisions and proper land use. Their contributions to the City of Farmington are immense. They have positive interactions with our residents and business community. All are honest and approachable.

I really want to have them re-elected so they may continue to maintain Farmington as a wonderful place to live, raise families and work.

Having been on the Farmington City Council for 26 years, and the former Mayor, I know what it takes to have smart, dedicated and caring citizens from our community to move us forward and care so much about our safety and welfare.

Farmington is a small town of about three square miles. I have lived in downtown Farmington as have so many other mayors and council members before me. We’ve had representation from all corners of our small community without conflict of interest. I feel LaRussa, Bowman and Schneemann are the best choices for your vote.

Joanne McShane
Former Mayor of Farmington

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