Your Voice: Farmington Voice shouldn’t be free


If you’re reading this, know that it ain’t free. At least it shouldn’t be.

For several years now, residents in Farmington and Farmington Hills have subscribed to this “free” daily newsletter because it’s filled with up-to-the-minute information about our communities. The Farmington Voice is written and produced entirely by Joni Hubred, who tirelessly attends the city council meetings, board meetings, special events and similar activities that affect us all.

Now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she provides us with invaluable, local information about what our city government, local businesses, neighborhoods, and individual citizens are doing to confront this horror.

Joni, you must understand, comes at this as a dedicated, professional journalist. Her background includes many years as editor of the Farmington Observer, back when that print newspaper actually covered many of the same things you find in the Farmington Voice, except that it comes daily, rather than once or twice a week.

Much like there is a general call-out now to support local restaurants and businesses, you should also consider supporting this accurate, responsible newsletter to help her continue this vital service.

Click here to help ensure all of us can continue to take advantage of Joni’s critical efforts to keep us informed.

Charles Paul

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