Your Voice: Farmington Schools trustee supports Galvin, Scott

To the editor:

As a member of your Farmington Public School Board, I represent both cities and the entire community. This year, I am endorsing Bill Galvin and Jeff Scott for Farmington City Council.

The incumbents have proven ability to work for the greater good. FPS has a great deal of interest in this year’s city council election. The Maxfield Training Center has sat vacant and unused for almost ten years which is far too long.

Downtown Farmington is a gem in our community. Bill Galvin and Jeff Scott know how to achieve sensible redevelopment of the Maxfield Training Center to further improve a great Downtown Farmington. Timely redevelopment of the MTC is in the best interest of our entire community.

I am proud that FPS started the redevelopment process of MTC. We handed off the baton to one of our greatest partners – the City of Farmington. Bill Galvin and Jeff Scott will lead this to finish line with cooperation and experience. Vote for Galvin and Scott.

Angie Smith
Farmington Public Schools Trustee

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