Your Voice: Farmington residents endorse Green for school board


We have known Pam Ellis Green since 1987, when she was our youngest daughter’s kindergarten teacher at Flanders Elementary.

Because of the positive impact she has made on many of her former students and parents, we, too, have maintained a connection to Pam throughout the years, and for many years we have also called her our neighbor.

We have seen Pam over a long period of time and in a variety of different ways through events, interactions with children and adults, at casual gatherings, and with her family. She has always been an example to us of utmost caring, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, and passion for her work and love of children.

We have never doubted that what Pam does is in the best interest of those involved and highly endorse her for the Farmington School Board. Please vote and consider Pam as one of your choices!

Pam & George Wright

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