Your Voice: Farmington official supports incumbents

To the Editor:

As our community anticipates the upcoming election, as a currently sitting member of the Farmington City Council that is midway through a 4-year term, I would offer the following thoughts for consideration.

First, the current council’s unwavering commitment to this city is evidenced by the significant personal investment of time, energy, and money. Indeed, each of the sitting council members is a long-time resident and property owner in Farmington, and each has raised a family here. That means that they have a lot at stake in making sure that our community succeeds.

Second, the current council represents many years of valuable institutional knowledge that has been built through countless hours of dedication and commitment to educational and networking opportunities that benefit Farmington. This Council has gone above-and-beyond in taking advantage of educational opportunities including the resources offered through our Michigan Municipal League membership, and cooperating with surrounding municipal governments to gain valuable insight and tools for how other communities are prospering. This commitment to learning has allowed Farmington to implement numerous “best practices” initiatives over the past several years, and maintain excellent services without tax increases.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the efforts of this council have yielded excellent results over the past several years with new projects and new investment in many parts of our city. Farmington has not enjoyed this much positive progress in many decades, and it is due in no small part to the efforts of the current council. The first new single-family subdivision in decades was recently completed at the Flanders School site, the vacant K-Mart property has been redeveloped, the courthouse property is under contract to be developed as new upscale single-family homes, and downtown has Fresh Thyme and numerous other new merchants and restaurants that make it thrive. All of these great projects are due in part to the tireless efforts of the current council. Farmington has never been better!

As voters we have the opportunity to continue with the excellent trajectory, of stability and smart growth, that Farmington is currently on and your current council members Bill Galvin, Jeff Scott, and Greg Cowley have the proven experience, leadership, maturity, and motivation to continue with this success.

Steven G. Schneemann
Mayor Pro Tem, Farmington

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