Your Voice: Farmington mayor supports Galvin for county post


Since 2013, I have had the privilege of serving alongside Bill Galvin on the Farmington city council. For four of those years, I worked very closely with Bill as he served as the Mayor, and I as the Mayor Pro Tem.

During this tenure, I was able to observe first-hand Bill’s passion for serving the people of Farmington, and his dedication to making our local government work as effectively and efficiently as possible. It is this same passion and dedication that Bill will take to Oakland County as he represents the people of Farmington.

As a 20-year resident and business owner in Farmington I am very pleased that a fellow resident, and person of Bill’s character and caliber, is willing to serve the citizens of our city at the county level. I urge all voters in Farmington to vote for Bill Galvin to represent the interests of Farmington as our next county commissioner!

Steven Schneemann

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