Your Voice: Choose townhomes for Maxfield Training Center


In regards to MTC (Maxfield Training Center), it has come down to this – apartments versus townhomes. And the reality is that Farmington already has an over-abundance of apartments, plenty of places for people of every age to be able to live in Farmington.

On the other hand, there are very few communities of condos and townhomes and not many choices for people who want to make a more permanent home in town.

To address the argument that rental apartments will bring in more shoppers, diners and drinkers to bolster downtown businesses – that is a false premise. Just look up Grand River to the west where huge apartment complexes dominate. And we know what has happened to the shopping centers out that way. Even before the pandemic, the K Mart store and adjoining shops were vacant and torn down, and Drakeshire Plaza was virtually empty. So, the premise that a large number of people living in apartments equates to added shoppers and would save or sustain local businesses is just not true!

We as residents want the same things for our downtown as does the business community. We want to create and maintain an attractive, vibrant and economically viable business district. In our view, a townhouse development would be no less supportive of the business community than a high-density apartment complex, but would have considerably less impact on the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood.

So again, we as residents of the neighboring Historic District urge a vote for a development of townhomes built by Robertson Brothers Homes on the MTC site.

Jane and Rick Gundlach
Farmington Residents for Responsible Development

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